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What is this? I don't even know.
one in the same 
21st-Jan-2012 05:17 pm
clintasha xmas
title: one in the same [2/3]
characters: the doctor, amy pond, wilf, mentions of donna noble, rory williams
pairings: 11/amy, rory/amy
summary:  amelia pond has a life that makes no sense. she understands the Doctor more than anyone. She has memories in her head of another time, a different doctor, a whole other person completely - and she has these memories because she is that other woman. She was TheDoctorDonna. It just took a spark to wake everything back up again

(graphic and fic under le cut)

She's always waiting for him.


Wilf grabs his thermos and walks outside, "You'll catch a cold out here." 

Amy shrugs, "I'm fine." Her eyes are searching for the stars hidden behind the clouds. He sits beside his granddaughter and wants to tell her. You're not human, love, not completely. You're Donna Noble. You're Amy Pond. Two people, two souls, and it's okay. it's going to be okay. 

He doesn't know what saved Donna that day and created Amelia Pond. But, he doesn't mind. He loves them both. Donna and Amy, Amy and Donna, two sides of the same coin. Amy is stubborn, loud, independent - shouting at the world because she thinks nobody is listening that is very his Donna. 

He's watched her grow up twice now. 

"It's been twelve years." He passes the thermos to her.

"I know." She smiles, sadly, and Wilf sets up his telescope. 

"He'll come back, I'll give him hell for making me wait this long but...he's got a time machine!" 

I know; he wants to say.

"Where would you want him to take you first?" Is what he says instead.

"The future...find me a spaceship..." 

He does come back. 

Wilf goes into Amy's room to wake her and sees that she's gone. And he just...knows...that the Doctor's finally come for her.

The TARDIS is what sparks her memories back. Amy sits below on the swing while her madman runs around and she remember. All of it. Everything. And it hurts to fit all of that inside her head, but she does. "Come along, Pond. I want to show you what I keep in here."

She gets up and he pushes her into the stars.

I'm going to travel with you...forever.

Just like I said I would.

She keeps this secret to herself. Something in her mind tells him that he can't know. "Planet of of the hats!" He exclaims and when his green eyes glint with sadness, Amy puts her hand on his arm because she knows - but she's here. "Onwards?"

"Onwards." He agrees. 

He lost Donna, but she's still here - inside his memories and inside Amy's head. Amy is attracted to her raggedy Doctor, and the voice, the part of her that is still Donna, scoffs at the idea. The DoctorDonna, the Doctor's mind, it's not as present anymore. It doesn't feel so painful. It's still locked up, somewhere, inside of her head - Amy knows that much. She also knows it is a lock that she must never-ever break.

It's ... timey-wimey...as he would say.

Amy wonders, as she's throwing herself into danger, if she'll change again. She doesn't know - but she figures out how it happened the first time.

"It was the ring..." She writes, carefully in her journal, "The ring broke, spilling out the left-over Time energy, and it caused me to regenerate." Amy pauses, staring at the words, "At least I can keep travelling with him. At least there's another soul in the universe who remembers Donna - me - as I was." 

"Pond!" He calls out, his voice bouncing off the walls of the hallway. 

Amy shuts her journal and hops to her feet. 
Part Three - Final
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