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What is this? I don't even know.
one in the same 
21st-Jan-2012 04:51 pm
clintasha xmas
title: one in the same [1/3]
characters: amy pond, eleventh doctor, wilf, and mentions of donna noble
pairings: 11/amy - others tbd
summary: amelia pond has a life that makes no sense. she understands the Doctor more than anyone. She has memories in her head of another time, a different doctor, a whole other person completely - and she has these memories because she is that other woman. She was TheDoctorDonna. It just took a spark to wake everything back up again.

(image and fic under the cut. ~le graphic was made by me~ )

Grocery shopping was always a dull sort of adventure. This, that, make sure the blokes bag it properly so all the cans of beans don't go tumbling out of the bag in the trunk of her car. 

Tasks like this usually go unrecorded in her memory.

They just happen.

So, while at the bank, Donna doesn't notice the man behind her start raving. She assumes he's drunk.

And then there's a gunshot - and everything goes still and quiet.

Donna leans against the brick wall "How did I get out here?" She clutches her abdomen and a name, a name she hasn't said in a very long, long time, comes to her mouth. "Doctor..."

He'd get his skinny arse over here and save her. He would. God, her head hurts. Donna grabs the side of her head and a burning coils through her veins. The ring, the black, oval ring on her hand cracks and a golden whisp of - what looks like pollen - comes out. She shouts, "What's happening! What's happening to me?! Doctor!"

She screams as the burning spreads across her body, her skin, the strands of hair, every nerve ending is on fire.

When Donna opens her eyes again, she does not remember many things.

Like who Donna is. And why that name seems so important. 

The little girl looks at her hands, still glowing, and she breathes - the breath of life. A new life. 

There's a man she must return to. An older man. "Grandpa." 

"Grandpa?" Wilf turns around to see a little girl, no older than seven, with red hair. 

"Are you lost?" 

Tears suddenly spring to her eyes, "I don't know what happened, I was...I was..." And her arms go around her stomach protectively. 

"Calm down, sweetheart - what's your name?" Wilf says, kneeling beside the young, terrified girl. 

"I don't know." She shuts her eyes, and thinks, how can she not know her name? Wait. She does. "Donna. Donna Noble."

Wilf stares at her. "Grandpa, it's me. I changed. I don't know how, but I did. It was the Doctor, wasn't it? He found a way to save me." Her clarity doesn't last, and Wilf thinks it must be some type of defense system the Doctor put into her mind, because she's just crying again and saying that she doesn't know who she is.

That evening, they pack their bags and move to away. She gets a new name; Amelia Pond. 

She chose it herself.

Wilf doesn't bring up the Doctor. He doesn't bring up what happened at the bank. Local newspapers back home are searching for Donna Noble - who's gone missing. He doesn't say anything, even though he knows EXACTLY where Donna is. She's right there, sitting at the table coloring. 

Amelia has no clue. She believes they've lived in Scotland their whole lives. She doesn't know who Donna is. And she doesn't know why she dreams of a blue box. Why, sometimes, she looks at her grandpa and thinks of another sad, lonely man that she knows. 

About a year later, Wilf moves to Leadworth with Amelia. They move into a bigger house with Donna's real mother's sister. Sharon. 

The lie is - Amelia is the daughter of one of his friends, who passed away unexpectedly, and put Amelia into his care. Amelia calls him Grandpa because he's too old to be her father. 

Everything goes without incident. Even though Amelia constantly complains about the crack in her wall.

It pours into her head at night and she dreams.

Terrible dreams.

She can see a man with a trench coat and she's shouting at him - inside someone else's body, "Doctor! You can stop now!"

She watches the word crumble in heat and flame and begs him, begs that same man to just "SAVE SOMEONE."

And sometimes, she can see him, with a new face but the same man.

He's like her. She's got a new face too.

But when little Amelia wakes up, she doesn't remember any of this.

"Or a police man...or..." There's a crash in the backyard and that's when her life changes...forever.

Wilf is scared. He picks up Amelia as she's fallen asleep on her suitcase and carries her back inside. She wakes up when he sets her down on the bed, "Doctor?" 

"No, sweetheart..." 

"The Doctor came and fixed the crack in my wall." 

His heartstrings tug. She can't remember the Doctor. Her mind will burn. He has to protect her. "Just a dream, Amelia."

She's stubborn. That morning she asks if the Doctor came back. She points to the food in the trash bin and even goes as far to go outside and find the bread he tossed away. Wilf suggests to Sharon that maybe Amelia go see a real Doctor - if she can't let go of her imaginary friend.

Amelia changes her name to Amy.

And so far, even with her belief in the Doctor, her mind has not burned and she is still alive. 

He almost wants the Doctor to come back, just so he can ask him all these questions...

(Part Two >  here )
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