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i've got you (matt/karen rpf) 
13th-Feb-2012 07:51 pm
clintasha xmas
title: i've got you
rating: T
summary: it's valentines day and they've got each other. And the scripts of the next series and he's bought her snobby chocolate and there's wine - but - this is not a date. this is completely normal. friends do this all the time, right?

did you get your script?
how is it going? -MS

yes and badly. ugh. - KG

wanna come over? -MS

yeah. be there soon. -KG

Matt placed the chocolate on the counter, inconspicuously enough and already open with a few chunks taken off. He bought it yesterday, possibly-probably-not-thinking of her, and he meant to see her yesterday but things got in the way but now...well...she was coming over and it just seemed strange. To give her chocolate on Valentine's day.

That was something couples do.

And he and Gillan were not a couple. 

And two best friends spending time together was normal. The date didn't matter. It was just another Tuesday.

She knocked twice before letting herself in.

Best friends having keys to each other's flat was also completely normal.

"Yo Smith!" She peeled off her jacket and tossed it on top of his on the couch. He had knocked down his coat rack the previous week and it snapped in half. Matt just never found the time to buy a new one.

"Gillan." He leaned his hip against the kitchen sink, watching her as she hopped on one foot, taking off one shoe and then the other. "So, can't do a read-through without me then, eh?"

"Shut up." Matt caught her smile despite her efforts to hide it. Karen stuck her tongue out and he followed her into the tiny kitchen, his script already laid out on the table.

Half an hour later, Matt had poured her a glass of wine and their seats ended up being next to one another instead of across. The warmth of his leg pressed against hers, and his arm brushing hers each time he moved it, and the way their shoulders bumped - this was their personal space. Being in each other's space.

Two minutes after that. They had abandoned (lost) his script and were reading off hers. Karen bit her lip, sneaking glances at him, with his square framed glasses perched on his nose. She didn't why - but she liked his glasses. They made him look less...no, they just made him look more of something. His face was scruffy (she didn't even know he could grow facial hair). After all, they used a fake beard for "The Impossible Astronaut." 

Still, it made for quite an ... an... interesting picture. 

Karen sighed, keeping her wine glass away from his flailing hands. He was always so damn expressive.

"You haven't shaved." Karen commented, poking the side of his face. It felt like sandpaper under her finger tip. 

"Nah." He scratched the side of his face and Karen rolled her eyes.


"I like it."

"You look homeless."

He scoffed, "I am now regretting getting you a gift."

Karen's heart jumped and Matt's eyes widened. She laughed quickly, playing it off; "A gift for what?"

Matt stood up and disappeared from her line of sight. Karen skimmed over the script again while he was gone. Amy and the Doctor were like second skins. She fell into the role so flawlessly. Amy - Amy had been a good friend to her. A good role, a great role, the time of her life...and Matt...had been everything she needed. She couldn't imagine anyone taking his place as the Doctor. (People had said the same thing about David...but still! Matt was her Doctor. Amelia Pond's raggedy Doctor.)

"Well, it was kinda...just...I saw it and thought of you." Matt gave her a shifty glance and handed her the bar of chocolate. 

"You ate some." Karen raised an eyebrow. He didn't deny it.

Oh god. Is this a Valentine's gift? No. Not...Matt! Karen took a small bite, the smooth chocolate mixing with the sweetness of her wine and she shifted in her seat, patting Matt's chair to signal him to sit back down so they could get back to work.

They were Amy and The Doctor for the next few minutes. 

Until, his left hand outstretched to act out the Doctor pointing his sonic and her wine glass fell, spilling the purple-red liquid all over her script and also all over her jeans and shirt. "OhmygodImsorry!" Their laughter bounced off the walls as they tried to salvage her script and mop up the mess.

Karen calls off the wine after that. It's clearly far too dangerous to sit next to Matt and have an uncovered glass nearby. 

Matt pressed a paper towel against her stomach, trying (and failing) to absorb the wine and Karen feels her neck and ears suddenly go hot. She can feel the heat of his palm through the paper towel and the fabric of her light blue long-sleeved shirt. Their laughter ebbs away and they're just standing there.

Matt lets a small chuckle escape but he's not doing anything else. 

Just..holding the paper towel to her stomach, as if that was going to help anything. "Is it working?" He looked down, seeing that very little of the wine came off her shirt and onto the towel. "I could have sworn that was a trick." He looked almost frustrated and yes, he was a bit flustered too. So - it wasn't just her. Matt let his words jump ahead, filling the silence with some story about how his mum would put a paper towel down a spill on a rug and then if you pressed - the liquid could be absorbed and..and..and...

"A shirt isn't the same as a rug." Karen pointed out calmly.

"No.." Matt glanced at the scripts, ruined with wine, and the paper-towel mess on the floor. "Do you..want to go? We can do this later. I mean - you know - you can change here-or-or or...what time is it?"

They're spending Valentine's together.

Totally normal.

He gave her chocolate because he thought of her.

Random - but sweet and so very Matt.

Karen grinned inanely, "I think I'll stay and it's time for you to shut the hell up and c'mere." Her hands flew up to his face, palms cupping his cheeks and pulling him forward, and Matt doesn't even have time to close his eyes when her mouth is on his. There's quite a bit of biting on her part and her fingers thread through his hair and pull him closer, and Matt's responsive as ever. His hands splay across her back and pin her close, their ribs pressing together almost painfully. 

They're quiet even after the kiss has ended.

Not because it's awkward (it's more of a relief, really, he's been dying to kiss her for months.)

Karen pulls the hem of her shirt up and Matt makes an adorable hiccup-gasp when she tosses it to the floor.

"It's Valentines - don't you think it's a little cliche?" He's not complaining, he's really not.

"It's just Tuesday, Matt. Just another Tuesday. We can celebrate Valentine's next year." The way she says it, full of possibilities, full of unspoken words, texts to be sent, lips to be pressed together and fingers to be interlaced. Karen realized that - she wants this. This-this-this. Wants a tiny kitchen were he'll spill her morning tea, a place to drop her coat, and him - the man who knows her best. Her best friend. 

"Happy Tuesday."

Karen laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck, his beard scratchy and ticklish against her skin, but his lips oh-so-warm and eager to please. 
14th-Feb-2012 01:18 am (UTC)
14th-Feb-2012 04:11 am (UTC)
lkjdsaf;lkadjf!!!!!!! I can't begin to say how much I needed this fluffy happiness tonight. Thank you, THANK YOU.
15th-Feb-2012 02:17 pm (UTC)
So lovely!
17th-Feb-2012 04:28 am (UTC)
I just love your Matt/Karen fics they are so wonderful to read and just sets my imagination on fire. Love th Happy Tuesday bit, I think it is perfect for them.
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