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one in the same 
21st-Jan-2012 05:59 pm
clintasha xmas
title: one in the same [3/3]
pairings: 11/amy, rory/amy
warnings: character death
characters: amy pond, the doctor, river song, melody pond, rory williams
summary: amelia pond has a life that makes no sense. she understands the Doctor more than anyone. She has memories in her head of another time, a different doctor, a whole other person completely - and she has these memories because she is that other woman. She was TheDoctorDonna. It just took a spark to wake everything back up again

"I remember! I remember you and you are LATE for my wedding!" 

Wilf cannot believe his eyes. It's the blue box. It's the Doctor. Amy is running towards him, smiling like a fool, and he looks like a fool with that top hat. Wilf realizes then, that he can't be seen, can't let the Doctor see him because then the Doctor will know. He'll  know who Amy is.

And that's a secret he's been guarding for too long to give up now. Wilf wipes his eyes. The questions  he so badly wanted answers to years ago are gone. He is old, he is tired, and he just wants to see Amelia happy. And she is. She is so very, very happy. Wilf dances with her at the wedding, hugs her tightly, "You are the most important woman in the whole universe." 

"I know." Amy hugs him back, tightly. Donna's grandpa. Her grandfather. Two souls, one body. It doesn't seem like a lot, considering the Doctor is going around carrying ten regeneration's' worth of memories around.  "I love you, sweetheart."

And Amy knows this is goodbye.

Nobody knows. Except for her. Not even Rory knows. The Doctor has no clue. When she's taken, abducted, kidnapped - Amy knows why. She cradles her stomach in her arms, "Don't hurt her. Please." 

Then the world goes black for a while. 

"Part Time Lord, Part Human." Madame Kovarian says, calmly, as she looks down at Melody. "Just like her mother."

"Let them go!" The Doctor threatens and Madame Kovarian looks up.

"You really didn't know, did you?" She says with a cruel smile. "Amelia Pond is not who she seems to be. Amelia Pond is your best friend, isn't she? And she never told you. Hah. This woman regenerated before our very eyes...we had to see if it was true. TheDoctorDonna. Somewhere on Earth there was a woman with your mind. We had to see if we could unlock it - and look..." She gestures to Amy. 

The Doctor turns and stares, "Donna?"

"Yes." Amy swallows, the tears running down her face, but she can't wipe them away - the handcuffs are digging into her skin. "She's in here - in my head...I mean - you know - regeneration and all that. We're the same person."

"We would have captured little Amelia and raised her to be your killer - but..." Madame Kovarian sighs, "Her grandfather kept her too well protected. We could never get close enough. So, we'll just make due with her daughter."

"No! You can't! No." The Doctor stares at Amy and then he realizes, where is Rory?

The woman with the eyepatch smiles, "It's been a pleasure, Doctor." 

Madame Kovarian reaches down and Melody squalls unhappily, knowing this woman is not her mother. 

Amy struggles against her binds and the two men holding her back. 

There's a bang and then the door breaks down. Amy whips her head to the side and sees Rory, standing there, arm shaking as it holds the futuristic looking blaster but his face a cool mask. "Let my wife and my best friend go, now." And as he says it, their friends walk into the room. Jack Harness and his Torchwood team. Madame Vastra and Jenny. Dorium. Commander Strax. Then the soldiers who deserted to the side of the Doctor's.

Amy watches with satisfaction as Madame Kovarian lifts her hands up to her head. 

She hugs Rory once released and then turns to the Doctor, he hasn't stopped staring at her. "What? We did it. Without a drop of blood, we did it."

"You remember everything." The Doctor says quietly, "All our adventures?"

'Yes." Amy frowns at him. "It's okay, Doctor, it's fine. I'm fine. Look at me." She cups his face in her hands and forces him to meet her eyes. "Doctor, I'm not dying. Far from it, really. I'm alive."

"But, you're not human."

"No. Not completely..." His eyes move to Rory and Amy shakes her head. 

He lets her hug him then and it's as it should be - two best friends saving the world and seeing the universe. 

The Doctor drops Amy and Rory and Melody back home. To his knowledge, Melody grows up normally - just as Amy did - with no knowledge of her biology. Not until she's older. 

River looks up at Donna, "Where am I? Where am I in the future?" 

And she wants to smile, tell her that she's fine - she's happy - she's with the Doctor. But, she can't. Spoilers.

Amy places the flowers ontop of Wilf's grave, she can hear the TARDIS behind her, but she makes no effort to move from her spot. "He raised me. He passed away peacefully, they said, warm in his bed. He gave me this." She holds up a photo album. "It's got both my lives. Donna and Amy. It's still so...strange...I don't think I'll ever wrap my head around it."

"You've got two hearts."

It's not a question but Amy answers it anyways. "Yes. Part Time Lord, remember? It must have...grew when I regenerated."

"What are you going to do?" Melody is grown up, she's River Song now. He's supposed to be dead. Amy can grow old with Rory, but she won't die. She could live forever, aging and aging, until she's nine-hundred like him. 

"I'm going to live my life with my husband. I'm going to grow old with him." She smiles, "And maybe, if you haven't forgotten about me by then, destiny or fate will put my car feet away from your TARDIS..." 

The Doctor kisses her forehead and pulls her into a warm embrace. "I'd like that."



(Sorry for any typos. I wrote this in like...two hours...and I just wrote it inside my browser, not like in a word doc or anything.)

22nd-Jan-2012 03:25 am (UTC)
Gorgeous AU, sweetie - damn well done!!

22nd-Jan-2012 06:28 am (UTC)

it was complicated and fjdsklfjsdkl kind of weird to write but YAY
17th-Feb-2012 04:19 am (UTC)
What a nice story that you have written and I like how you wove Donna/Amy and the Doctor together so beautifully.
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